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It is highly recommended that you read through all of our terms and conditions thoroughly. They were created carefully to protect you (The client) as well as myself (Natalee Matthews). If you still have any questions after reading these, please do not hesitate to contact us.

By purchasing any services from Branded By Nat, the client is agreeing to all terms and conditions written below. It is the responsibility of the client to be clear of the terms and conditions.


Due to the nature of the services offered, all services are non-refundable. You are agreeing to this policy when you purchase on

Client responsibility

  • Clients are responsible for providing the correct information and photos at the start. Branded By Nat will not be responsible for missing information on your behalf.

  • Branded By Nat is not responsible for any misspelling or misinformation that the customer provides. The information that you submit is the information that will be used.

  • Clients are responsible for proofreading all information submitted before the order is finalized.

  • An upcharge will incur if we have to go in and change any information that was not proofread.

  • Clients are responsible for grammatically correct information. If provided with grammatically incorrect information, you will be asked to correct it.

Revisions + Upcharges

All designs receive TWO free revisions. After, you will have the option to pay an upcharge fee of $15 for 2 more revisions, or $25 for 3 more revisions. You will be sent an invoice to pay these before the process will continue.


Branded By Nat reserves the right to discontinue service if the client refuses to pay any upcharge. You will be given your design as is in .JPEG and .PNG format, and no further communication will be had. You will not be permitted to book with Majestically Designs in the future.

I reserve the rights to discontinue services for the following reasons:

  • The customer is using profanity, or being disrespectful.

  • The customer threatens an employee or the business owner, making that party feel like they are in danger.

  • The customer breaks the lawful rules of this business.

  • A charge has been disputed midservice

  • Customer is being condesending

  • Lack of communication

  • If the design asked of them does not meet a level of professionalism. This includes but is not limited to: poor quality pictures, profanity, lack of communication and more.

Failure to abide can result in legal actions

Failure to abide by said policy set by Branded By Nat will result in disciplinary actions such as no longer being able to book our services or legal actions.

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